NinchFest is a two day festival, though we do not have campgrounds or accommodation on site so if you’re planning on coming for both Friday and Saturday you will need to make arrangements to stay off the festival grounds. Luckily however, we have a great local community offering all manner of accommodation from houses to caravans and campgrounds – See the list below for some great options! St Andrews Beach, Rye and Fingal being the closest towns to the festival site. Tootgarook, Blairgowrie and Capel Sound are also quite close to the festival though a short drive. For your reference check the festival site via Google Maps


There are many other accommodation options available beyond this list, though we hope it helps as a starting point to planning a beautiful weekend on the Mornington Peninsula. If you’d like your accommodation added to our list or have a special offer for NinchFest goers, please get in touch or via our Instagram page with the details and we’ll happily share with the people.