In another NinchFest first, we’re delighted to be welcoming our first international guest to the stage. Ali are a three-piece musical project originating from Jakarta, Indonesia. Initiated by John Paul Patton (Kelompok Penerbang Roket) and Arswandaru Cahyo, the desire of Ali is to incorporate Middle Eastern culture with elements of 70’s Indonesian rock, cinematic soul, afro beat, funk and disco to create a new groove and sound straight from the contemporary and vibrant Indonesian music scene. With all lyrics written in Arabic, Ali builds on the influence of Middle Eastern art and music, which over centuries has assimilated itself deep into Indonesian culture and way of life.

John Paul (Drums) and Arswandaru (Bass/Vocals) are joined by Absar Lebeh (Mooner/The SIGIT) on guitar to complete the trio. The group are bringing their self described ‘Middle Eastern Beats with South East Twists’ to Australia for the first time, touring in February 2023. Ali promises to deliver a diverse and unique experience to the Australian music and festival scene with an overall goal to increase engagement and connections between the two strong neighbouring music communities and cultures.