In mid January of 2017, a fresh faced young Peninsula band took the stage late in the morning to play the first ever set at the first ever Ninchfest. NinchFest was officially alive and the band and crowd who had gathered rejoiced for it felt like the beginning of something special. This band was The Grogans. They held a special place in our heart so we had them back in 2018 so they could play a slot a bit later in the day at the second festival. They flew the coop of the Peninsula and released their debut album in 2019, followed by multiple festival appearances and sold out shows across the country. They have not stopped since. They’ve continued to sell out shows and build a massive audience across the land. They’re a genre-expanding outfit and a trio of best friends who explore nuanced manoeuvres in surf, punk, blues, garage, psych, rockabilly and reggae. It’s time to bring them home. From the Saturday morning opening slot of NinchFest 1 to the closing slot of Friday night at NinchFest 6. Welcome home The Grogans.