Zig Zag are half garage rock extremists, half disco junkie night cats, swinging these contradictions in the air, careless and free and flaming with pride. Straight from the brains of the punk extradonaire Kelly Dingeldei (Laura Imbruglia and the Bin Chickens), Zig Zag are comprised of long-time friends and lovers Dan Barnes, Tommi Gowan, Jess Kemp (Scratch Match) and Alex Pink (Loobs) Taking cues from r n r and disco punk royalties like Talking Heads, Bush Tetras and The B-52s, building catchy songs around honest and expressive lyrics our audiences enjoy crying, dancing, chanting and at the end of it all, hugging it out with their mates. It’s punk, it’s celebratory, it’s cathartic, it’s yours. The only thing it’s not is straight. Introducing Zig Zag to NinchFest’s Friday night. Prepare to meet some of your new faves.